If the by-law you need is not listed, please contact the administration office (204) 324-6468.

By-laws Available for Download:

Bylaw 1747-2016 Fees & Charges (1) (PDF)
Bylaw 1751-2016 Raffle Lotteries (PDF)
Noise Bylaw (PDF)
Bl-1518-1997 Regulate Burning In Town (PDF)
Traffic control & Parking Bylaw (PDF)
Bl-1583-2001 Business Licence By-law (PDF)
Bylaw 1746-2016 Water and Sewer Rates (PDF)
Animal Control Bylaw (PDF)
Bl-1614-2004 Regulating Control Of Landfill Site (PDF)
Bl-1626-2005 Control Regulate Signs (PDF)
Bylaw 1709-2013 – Zoning (PDF)
Zoning map 2014 (PDF)